Micropearl product line up (Plastic Spacer)Micropearl is uniformly particle size distribution with a spherical particles (beads).
Base technology was cultivated with LCD spacer applications

Micropearl KB:
black uniform resin Particles for gap control

  • Particle size: 3µm~15µm
  • Gap control
  • Uneven surface adhesion
  • Simulated specimen
  • Saving process
  • Optical property
  • Heat resistance

1. Characteristic

Co-polymer particles with black pigment dispersed, excellent for light shielding properties and resisitance to exudative and corrosion
Excellent heat resistance and anti-corrosion product can be used in wider range of application

Advantages of using plastic particles

  • Micropearl KB: black uniform resin Particles for gap control
    Micropearl KB series
  • Other company's products
    Particles with black dye

2. Applications

It is prossible to provide combination using particles and ashesive of particles and adhesive
・Display related application
・Optical lens related product
・Simulated specimen
・Smart (light control) glass

  • smart light control glass
    smart light control glass

3. Product lineup

Grade Average particle diameter[µm] Cv [%]
KBN-50395 3.95±0.05 About 4
KBN-505 5.00±0.05
KBN-50525 5.25±0.05
KBN-5055 5.50±0.05
KBN-50575 5.75±0.05
KBN-506 6.00±0.05
KBN-50625 6.25±0.05
KBN-5065 6.50±0.05
KBN-50675 6.75±0.05
KBN-507 7.00±0.05
KBN-508 8.00±0.05
KBN-509 9.00±0.05
KBN-510 10.00±0.05
KBN-511 11.00±0.05
KBN-512 12.00±0.05
KBN-515 15.00±0.10
Grade Average particle diameter[µm] Cv [%]
KBS-505 5.00±0.05 About 3
KBS-50525 5.25±0.05
KBS-5055 5.50±0.05
KBS-50575 5.75±0.05
KBS-506 6.00±0.05
KBS-50625 6.25±0.05
KBS-5065 6.50±0.05
KBS-50675 6.75±0.05
KBS-507 7.00±0.05
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