Microsphere Product

Gap control spacer
Micropearl SP、GS

Plastic particle having uniform size distribution


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Plastic core conductive particle
Micropearl AU

Plastic core conductive particle having uniform size distribution


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Resin Product

ODF Sealant For LCD

The adhesive for LCD that is hardened by UV+ heating


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UV immediate-curing adhesives
Photolec A

UV immediate-‐curing high transparency adhesives without oxygen inhibition


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UV delay-curing adhesives
Photolec E

Unique delay curing sealants curable quickly at low temperature for shaded substrates


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Low temp. curable Adhesive for PET

Special adhesive that cured by low temperature and excellent bonding properties to hard-to-bond substrates


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Characteristics: Properties of before pre-curing / post-curing. List of storage conditions


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JISSO Materials(Mounting)

Plastic core solder ball
Micropearl SOL

Solder ball with soft and uniformly-sized plastic core


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Solder Anisotropic
Conductive Paste

Anisotropic Conductive Paste for low pressure bonding and metallic junction


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(Self Assembly Anisotropic Conductive Paste)

Anisotropic conductive paste for assembly and metallic junction only by heating


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Anisotropic Conductive Paste
for PET

Anisotropic Conductive Paste for PET printed circuit


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Film Product

Conductive Tape

Thin film with excellent conductivity, strong adhesive strength. Main applications are grounding and shielding


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Clear Adhesive Film

High-transparency PSA. 5400/5400A/5400S Series


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