SAP(Self Assembly Anisotropic Conductive Paste)
Epowell AP series

Anisotropic conductive paste for assembly and metallic junction only by heating

Solder particles are gathered to electrode.And the Solder connections are formed


  1. High-speed transmission(USB3.0)
  2. High allowable current
    • ・Thin Connection (less 0.1mmt)
    • ・Fine pitch(150um)(1/2Connector)
    • ・Available for Au,Cu electrode



  Conditions Results
Adhesive strength 90°peel 48N/cm
Thermal shock -40/85℃ 1000cycle
Moisture resistance 85℃85% 1000h
Insulation 85℃85%15V 1000h

Mounting condition

140℃×3min or 180℃×30sec