Gap control spacer Micropearl SP、GS

Cross-linked polymer
【Gap control spacer】

Plastic particle having uniform size distribution

Available for several usage like a automotive, optical instruments and so on


  1. The spacer have uniform size distribution(Cv value < 7%) and keeps the gap constant and even.
  2. Holding a wide size lineup(3?500μm)
  3. High electricity resistance, heat resistance, and chemical resistance
  • ・Tracking resistance: 600V
  • ・It’s stable from -40℃ to 200℃
  • ・It’s not dissolved in several organic solvent.


Gap control of stack tip

  • ・keeping stand off
  • ・keeping co-planarity

Gap control of optical instruments

  • ・keeping co-planarity of glass
  • ・keeping thickness of adhesive layer

Gap control of parts

  • ・keeping thickness of adhesive layer
  • ・Absorbing stress of sensor tip

Product details

Semi-conductor mounting, vehicle parts, gap preservation of optical products, large particle spacers compatible for various applications.

A clear, spherical, plastic particle used for LCD spacers, semi-conductor mounting, vehicle parts, and gap preservation of optical products. Our product line up is from 3 to 500μm.

Product lineup

  • 20-150μm:We cana prepare them in 10μm gaps.
  • 150μm and above:We can prepare them in 150 - 500μm/50μm gaps.

Usage (function)

  • ・adhesive layer gap control spacers
  • ・Vehicle parts gap sustaining spacers
  • ・Optical products gap sustaining spacers
  • ・Electric parts gap sustaining spacers

Conductive particles

Compatible as a conductive particle by forming conductive material on the particle spacer.


Item Test value Form Test method
Breaking strength 11 Block JIS K7208(column)
Compressive elasticity modulus 480 Block JIS K7208(column)
Specific gravity 1.19 Plate JIS K7122
Thermal expansion coefficient 9.8×10 Plate Average of 20-80℃
Thermal decomposition temperature 330 Product TGA (in air)
Volume resistivity 3.6×10 Plate JIS K6911 (500V)
Permittivity 2.9 Plate JIS K6911 (1,000Hz)
Dissipation factor 0.02 Plate JIS K6911 (1,000Hz)
Light transmission 86.0% Plate JIS K6714 (2.3t)
Haze 3.5% Plate JIS K6714 (2.3t)
Refractive index 1.57 Plate ASTM(Abbe)
Volatile component 0.6% Product JIS (105℃×1H)
Chemical resistance Weight rate of change Form Weight change after the 10th dipping(20℃)
H2O 0.5% Plate 2 mmt 1g
NaOH -0.2% Plate 2 mmt 1g 1/10 N
IPA 1.1% Plate 2 mmt 1g 100%
N-MP 0.0% Plate 2 mmt 1g 100%
aceton 1.0% Plate 2 mmt 1g 100%
HCl 0.4% Plate 2 mmt 1g 1/10 N
Ion content/SP   Form Analysis method
Na ≦2PPM Product Atomic absorption photometry
K ≦1PPM Product Atomic absorption photometry
Ca ≦1PPM Product Atomic absorption photometry
Fe ≦2PPM Product Atomic absorption photometry
Cl ≦1PPM Product 90℃、1h、 Ion chromatography