Plastic core conductive particle Micropearl AU

Plastic core conductive particle having uniform size distribution

Available for several usage for conduction and heat conduction gap control between electronic device and base board and so on


  1. Metal plated plastic core particle having uniform size distribution
  2. The formation of various types of metal layers is possible( Au,Ni,Cu,Ag etc.)
  3. By the original polymer design technology, the control of particle hardness and repulsion is possible.


Conduction materials between two glass substrates

Gap control materials between a LED chip and the board

Gap control materials between a power semiconductor and the board

Product details

Product structure (TEM image)

TEM image

The conductive layers are formed evenly on the particle, eliminating differences and stabilizing the conductive properties of each particle.

Anisotropic conductive conducting materal

By applying heat and pressure, it is used for anisotropic conductive material properties with both conductivity in the film thickness direction, and insulation in the surface direction.

Single particle compression conductivity (Micropearl AU, 7.25 Micrometers product)

Stable conductivity and resistance is achieved by the equality of the conductive layers formed.