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Sealant for ODF, Photolec S

■Sealant for ODF, Photolec S

This adhesive is best for LCD (cured with UV+heating)

1. Characteristic

  1. Due to the sealant quality, there is a low risk of contamination and pollution to the LCD panel
  2. The sealant is easy to handle and excellent to dispense with narrow width
  3. The sealant can also adhere nonmetal substrate
The sealant for ODF, Photolec S

2. Process

  • Process

POTORI Test Viscosity
Unevenness is not observed around the sealant

  • POTORI Test Viscosity

3. Mechanical Properties

Item condition unit Standard Grade Soft Grade
Viscosity 25℃1rpm mPa・s 280,000 230,000
Ti Value 0.5r/5r - 1.15 1.37
Pot Life 48h/Initial - 1.1 -
Adhesive Glass/Glass N/25mm2 >500 >500
Tg DMA 95 45
Moisture permeability 60℃90%24h g/m2 34 71
Curing condition UV 3,000m J /cm2 +120℃1h
Storage condition -20℃

■UV-cured black paste

One-liquid solvent-free UV+heating curing paste


It can be used for bonding of transparent substrates, shading, etc

  1. Light Shielding
  2. High level of uniformity, minimal presence of foreign materials
  3. High adhesive strength, low moisture permeability
  4. Low contamination (liquid crystal,organic material.etc)
UV-cured black paste


  • Adhesion of LCD glass substrates
    LCD cross section
    LCD cross section
  • Adhesion of optical lens
    Lens unit
    Lens unit


Item Condition Black Grade
Viscosity mPa・s/25℃ 300,000
OD value 5um thickness 2.0
Tg DMA 105
Ti value 0.5r/5r 1.15
Pot Life 48h/Initial 1.1
Adhesive Glass/Glass >500
Moisture permeability 60℃90%24h 68

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