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Low moisture permeable adhesive, Photolec E

This adhesive is cured with UV, and can be used to bond polarizing plates quickly at low temperatures.

1. Characteristics

  1. We have two lineups for the Photolec E: one is cured quickly after UV irradiation, and the other one is cured with low heat after UV irradiation
  2. Low Outgas, Moisture-proof

2. Temporary curing procees

Dispense→UV Curing→Bonding→Heat Curing

  • UV delay-curing proces

3. Applications


This type is best for sealing materials which are subject to heat, for polarizing parts, and for plastic plates.

2Low moisture permeability

Moisture-proof sealant for OLED Display
【Structure of OLED display (top emission type)】
  • Moisture-proof sealant for OLED Display
  1. This product releases minimal gas generated during curing proccess (UV/heat)
  2. Semiconductor (MEMS, CCD) sealing

Low Outgas

  • UV delay-curing clear adhesive with high viscosity (Photolec E)
    Strong and highly accurate adhesion can be achieved
    ※ With Micropearl SP/GS
  1. Bonding for plastic substrates
  2. Bonding for optical components
  3. Hard disks, surrounding sealants (low moisture permeability), internal adhesive (low outgas)
  4. Semiconductor(MEMS,CCD camera module)

4. Performance parameters

Item Type Remarks
Standard Low WVTR
Uncured Feature Colorless liquid Brown Paste -
Viscosity(mPa・s) 470 350,000 2.5rpm
UV irradiation(mJ/cm2
UV condition
1,500 1,500 @365nm
Pot life(min.)
Open time
10 10 25℃
Post heating(℃Xmin.)
Post cure
80×30 80×30 -
Cured Tg(℃) 95 173 DMA
Moisture permeability(g/m2・24h)
30 18 60℃/90%RH
JIS Z208
Outgas(ppm) 55 50 GC-MS

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