Resin product lineup

UV (B stage) + Moisture curing, Photolec B

This product has high flexibility and strong bonding strength, and can adhere non-transpratent parts.

1. Characteristics

  1. Workability: Based on its dispensing capability, this product can be used for free style designs (e.g. curved or thinner width)
  2. Bonding polarirzing parts: it can adhere two untransprarent objects
  3. Adhesive property: different materials can be firmly adhered
  4. Stress relaxation:flexibility and thickness remains stable after curing
  • Flexibility

    After curing: maintains high flexibility
    Keep high flexibility and thickness even after curing
  • Adhesive property

    Adhesive strength

2. Applications

Polarizing parts of electrical apparatus

  • Smartphone

    Bonding smartphone parts
  • For automotive

    Bonding HUD, speed meter and other parts.
    ・Bonding center console's cover and case
    ・Bonding HUD, speed meter and other parts.


  • You can apply Photolec B on narrow bezel
    You can apply Photolec B onto narrow bezel frame

3. Process

  • Moisture curing process
  • Dispensing
    OPEN Time
  • UV irradiation
    UV irradiation
    OPEN Time
  • Bonding

4.Gap control

  • Gap control

5.Performance parameters

Item Standard Grade Black Grade
Cure type UV+moisture
Viscosity 25℃ 1rpm 130Pa・s 80Pa・s
Ti value 1rpm/10rpm 1.95 1.72
Shear bond strength
Glass/Glass 126 72
PC/Glass 104 46
SUS304/Glass 73 38
Cure conditions Recommended UV index
Irradiation conditions
1000mJ/cm2 3000mJ/cm2
Moisture curing 25℃50%×24hr
Storage conditions 25℃Under 30%