Micropearl product line up (Plastic Spacer)Micropearl is uniformly particle size distribution with a spherical particles (beads).
Base technology was cultivated with LCD spacer applications

Micropearl EXH: Hard plastic material uniformed resin particles for gap control

  • Hardness
  • Small ~ medium particle size: 2µm~10µm
  • Gap control
  • Components bonding
  • Simplified manufacturing process
  • Excellent heat resistance

1. Characteristics

・Even though it is a polymer particle, because of its hardness it retains its size, stability and dimensions even when under compression.
・Compared to inorganic particles, it causes less damage.

2. Applications

・Substitution of Silica particles
・Can be added to liquid adhesives for gap spacing purposes.
・Controlling gap between glass substrates

3. Advantages of using plastic particles

  • Advantages of using plastic particles

4. Product lineup

Grade Average.diameter(µm) Cv [%]
EXH-0049 4.90±0.05 About 3
EXH-005 5.00±0.05
EXH-0051 5.10±0.05
EXH-0052 5.20±0.05
EXH-0053 5.30±0.05
EXH-0054 5.40±0.05
EXH-0055 5.50±0.05
EXH-0056 5.60±0.05
EXH-0057 5.70±0.05
EXH-0058 5.80±0.05
EXH-0059 5.90±0.05
EXH-006 6.00±0.05
EXH-0061 6.10±0.05
EXH-0062 6.20±0.05
Grade Average.diameter(µm) Cv [%]
EXH-0063 6.30±0.05 About 3
EXH-0064 6.40±0.05
EXH-0065 6.50±0.05
EXH-0066 6.60±0.05
EXH-0067 6.70±0.05
EXH-0068 6.80±0.05
EXH-0069 6.90±0.05
※If you require other particle sizes, please contact us directly.