Micropearl product line up (Plastic Spacer)Micropearl is uniformly particle size distribution with a spherical particles (beads).
Base technology was cultivated with LCD spacer applications

Micropearl KB:
black uniform resin Particles for gap control

  • Particle size: 3µm~15µm
  • Gap control
  • Uneven surface adhesion
  • Simulated specimen
  • Saving process
  • Optical properties
  • Heat resistance

1. Characteristics

Co-polymer particles with black pigment dispersed, excellent for light shielding properties and resistance to exudation and corrosion.
Excellent heat resistance and anti-corrosion product can be used in wider range of applications.

Advantages of using plastic particles

  • Micropearl KB: black uniform resin Particles for gap control
    Micropearl KB series
  • Other company's products
    Particles with black dye

2. Applications

It is possible to provide a comb of particles and adhesives.
・Display related applications
・Optical lens related products
・Simulated specimen
・Smart (light control) glass

  • Smart (light control) glass
    Smart (light control) glass

3. Product lineup

Grade Average particle diameter[µm] Cv [%]
KBN-50395 3.95±0.05 About 4
KBN-505 5.00±0.05
KBN-50525 5.25±0.05
KBN-5055 5.50±0.05
KBN-50575 5.75±0.05
KBN-506 6.00±0.05
KBN-50625 6.25±0.05
KBN-5065 6.50±0.05
KBN-50675 6.75±0.05
KBN-507 7.00±0.05
KBN-508 8.00±0.05
KBN-509 9.00±0.05
KBN-510 10.00±0.05
KBN-511 11.00±0.05
KBN-512 12.00±0.05
KBN-515 15.00±0.10
Grade Average particle diameter[µm] Cv [%]
KBS-505 5.00±0.05 About 3
KBS-50525 5.25±0.05
KBS-5055 5.50±0.05
KBS-50575 5.75±0.05
KBS-506 6.00±0.05
KBS-50625 6.25±0.05
KBS-5065 6.50±0.05
KBS-50675 6.75±0.05
KBS-507 7.00±0.05
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