Micropearl product line up (Plastic Spacer)Micropearl is uniformly particle size distribution with a spherical particles (beads).
Base technology was cultivated with LCD spacer applications

Micropearl SOL: Polymer core solder ball

Solder ball with soft and uniformly-sized polymer core

  • Micropearl SOL: Polymer core solder ball
  • Ball size 200µm

1. Characteristics

With the unique resin based polymer core, various stress and pressure can be relieved and precise gap control can be achieved

1High reliability

  • Underfill unnecessary
    Narrow pitch
    Large PKG
  • High connection reliabilty
    PKG: WLCSP 5.0X5.0mm 0.4mmpitch 121pin

2Maintains excellent stand-off and co-planarity

Maintains excellent stand-off and flatness
Polymer core can maintain the gap to keep an excellent stand-off and flatness

  • <MP-SOL>
    Micropearl SOL: Polymer core solder ball

    The gap is maintained by the polymer core even after chip mounting

  • Normal solder ball
    Normal solder ball

    Collapse occurs due to package weight during solder reflow process

2. Applications

    ・For mobile
    Analog IC (Power, Amplifier, etc)
  • Ceramic BGA/CBGA
    Ceramic BGA/CBGA
    ・Module for Communication and Industry
    Multi-chip modules
  • Ceramic BGA/CBGA
    Package on Package/POP
    ・Communication modules for mobile device
    ・Application processor

3. Instructions

It can be mounted with a commercially available solder ball mounter

  • ball mounter
  • Good wettability and self-alignment property
    1st reflow self-alignment property: 1st reflow Cross-sectional picture after reflow
    2nd reflow self-alignment property: 2nd reflow Cross-sectional picture after reflow
    Cross-sectional picture after reflow
  • Void-free
    Voidless: X-ray photograph after reflow
    X-ray photograph after reflow

4. Examples of practical characteristics

It has the same performance as a solder bump in strength and electric/thermal characteristics

Ball shear strength

  • Size:310µm n=40
    Ball shear strength Size:310µm n=40
  • Failure mode
      Substrate side Ball side
    SOL SOL Substrate side SOL ball side
    Solder bump Solder bump Substrate side Failure mode Solder bump ball side

Electric resistance

  • Size:310µm n=10
    Electric resistance
    Micropearl SOL 2.87mΩ
    Solder bump 2.88mΩ

Thermal resistance

  • PKG:352pin 35mm PBGA
    Thermal resistance

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