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UV (B stage) + Moisture Curing Adhesive Photolec B

A new type of adhesive that combines the advantages of tape and structural adhesives, and has both high initial strength and high reliability.

1. What is Photolec B?

  1. Small device applications
    (smartphone, Wearable device, Earphones etc.)

  1. Medium and large device applications
    (TV, Digital signage, monitor, NotebookPC, Tablet etc.)

2. Overview

  • Polyurethane moisture curing
  • 30cc Syringe

3. Features

  • 1High initial bonding strength

    High initial bonding strength
    No fixture required, pressure keeping→improve production efficiency
  • 2Can correspond to narrow side dispensing below 0.5mm

    Can correspond to narrow side dispensing below 0.5mm
    No glue overflow + high degree of freedom in dispensing→suitable for bonding at narrow borders
  • 3Suitable for bonding of different materials

    Suitable for bonding of different materials
    Can improve the freedom of material selection
  • 4Maintain softness after fully cured

    Maintain softness after fully cured
    Can absorb the stress caused by the deformation of the adherend
  • 5Can maintain a certain glue height

    Improve the freedom of product design


  • Smart phones

    Smart phones
  • Optical components

    Optical components
  • Fine parts fixing

    Fine parts fixing
  • large displays

    large displays
  • Automotive display

    Automotive display

5.Performance parameters

Item Photolec B Remarks
Standard High-aspect
Resin Type Urethane+Acryl
Curing Type UV+Moisture
Curing conditions Wavelength λ=365~405nm
Irradiation 1000mJ/cm2
Moisture curing 25℃50%×24hr
Viscosity(mPa・s) 44,000 104,000 5rpm 25℃
TI Value 1.2 2.7 1rpm/10rpm
Tg(℃) 15 18 DMA
Shear bonding strength Glass/Glass 55 115 N/25mm2
PC/Glass 85 193
SUS304/Glass 48 73
Storage conditions 25℃ Under 30%RH

※The above numbers are examples of measured values, not guaranteed values